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In a short span of life I have encountered numerous situations where I have seen people walking aimlessly in life, be it students or working professionals... People tend to take up education or profession either in peer influence, parental pressure or so-called trends, which seems like a resultant of lack of inquisitiveness among the people... They tend to lose the power of listening to their inner calling.

Nowadays there is a paradigm shift where we are promoting ourselves as the youngest country i.e. a country heavily relying on youth to make a difference or the country with huge potential because of the youth population, but we need to question yourself that we are relying on something which is non-existent? or we are just making yourself happy by saying so?

All I can see is robots in human skin programmed to perform in a specific way in given circumstances. During my heart to heart conversation with a lot of talent acquisition specialists, they say that we do not need hundred percent genius minds otherwise nobody would do the mundane task which is a requirement of customers which truly is characteristic of most of the jobs available in the industry today.

The current scenario truly fits well for the phrase where people say "Thank God It's Friday" after five days of dissatisfaction people want to escape from the present on Monday statement remains Why there is a Monday?




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