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Purpose 2.0

Purpose 2.0

“What is the purpose of this life?”

So simple it seems, but I have realised it to be the most intriguing question in the lives of many, including me. Sometimes reading good literature helps you in identifying the most important questions of life, which otherwise may lose relevance in the run of life. At the brink of adulthood, I found my purpose of life- to spread genuine smiles in society, where it was needed the most. I was extremely elated to find the purpose and kept on working on it, by becoming the reasons for smiles on faces of few. After some time an inner voice echoed in heart “Oh wait!!! am I on the right path?” This voice pushed me for some more soul searching and few more questions came to me- am I making people dependent on me for happiness? Am I bringing them in comfort zone and snatching away the opportunities of learning and growth? And many more such questions. Like any business plan, my life went through various pivot points, until I found purpose 2.0 of life. This time, it was not only about spreading smiles but about assisting seekers finding peace and harmony through the journey of self-exploration and identification of the true purpose of their lives by following laws of the universe.  

The journey between purpose and purpose 2.0 has been a roller coaster ride, from moments of self-doubt to faith in humanity, from going against the heart to stay in sync with the inner voice, from excruciating pain to joy of harmony, from questioning to acceptance. Now when I look back, I see its been part of training and testing to reach the ultimate goal of life, a journey towards betterment. Every time I was given opportunities to push my limits to the next level and It was possible by following the laws of the universe and path of truth.  

Some of the major learnings that life has given to me are as follows 

  • Attachments and detachments are confusing but involvement is simple so involve while you are taking an action be it a prayer, expression of gratitude, love, care or affection.
  • Love is universal and we are part of the universe so we are also 'love' and continuously we are expanding our boundaries and bringing people and activities in our periphery.    
  • We are the only ones accountable for our life, so it is of no use to blame others for setbacks in life.
  • Life throws challenges, not to make us miserable but to train us to gain strength to continue our journey  
  • Law of attraction truly works and you always get what you need all you need to do is open your eyes and have faith in your capabilities.
  • Universal laws always keep you on track, when in doubt just follow them, it may seem difficult initially but it is the right thing to do.   
  • Never shun the inner voice, it acts as a guiding angel to keep us on the path of truth.
  • Situations bring opportunities for learning to act and reaction makes them worse. 
  • The only time when we can live is this moment only.       

Life has given me opportunities to expand my horizon, now I look at every new day as infinite possibilities to continue this journey. If we learn the art of awareness, every moment would be learning and growth, this is my experience what is yours?