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Fashion or self betrayal

"I learned that knowledge, not yet in my mind, was in my body" - Ellen Goldman


Have you ever noticed, how a small strand of hair is discriminated from morsel and thrown out of mouth in no time? Or a barely visible particle making the eye go watery and washing it away? A bunch of unfriendly bacteria triggering sore throat and running nose? A microscopic splinter in foot sending pain waves across the body? Ears buzzing when a little grain or water drop sneaks inside?

As said by Marion Rosen - "Pain is the body's cry for help. You are doing something that the body can't take any longer. The body is very patient. It takes a lot of tension and abuse before it makes pain".  

The body is such a dynamic system, always on red alert, like a ceasefire line. Any intruder, trespasser is immediately seized and brought to its knees! This is to make sure that your million dollar gizmo is safeguarded against all that may trouble it or affect its structure and function. We may be treating it as a lackadaisical, dull fellow being dragged to work every day but the truth is that our bodies are much more astute than we can imagine. Their agility and promptness towards internal and external signals is majestic....but there are numerous acts that we keep doing in the name of style and fashion, adding to our body's debility in the long run. Read on. 

You must have experienced the consistent discomfort of a tight denim/trouser and the relief upon slipping in pyjamas. Or taking off the heels after party? Wearing the super-loose soft t-shirt after that body-hugging sequinned corset? Drinking water with unstained lips after returning home? Releasing the hairdo held with dozens of hair pins and clips? Taking down the chandelier sized earrings? Easy breathing skin after clearing layers of heavy make-up? Sounds familiar huh?

Why this much relief and tranquility after all the quest to`look' attractive? The reason is simple- The body was making feeble, tiny, yet clear pain throughout the `stylish' period and we didn't bother to pay attention.

Why do we act this way- well, `what to do', everybody comes in latest dresses, uses make-up'! I should not look like `Behenji' OR what to do- pictures don't come out pretty? Need to woo the next door lad..! and so many more statements! Now the bottomline is- will any of the above matter if you encounter agonising, chronic after-effects such as sciatica, infertility, cancer, migraines, arthritis, hyperpigmentation, acne or premature ageing (just to name a few)? It is then the final NO when the body really can't take it anymore. Did it not give you sufficient signals and alerts before succumbing? 

I feel that in an age of already polluted air, water and diet, it is quite brutal and irrational to burden the body any further, when it is literally all alone to fight the distress caused from every direction of its existence! It's high time when the resilience and tolerance of the body be respected and guarded. 

Think about it- would an `actual' fresh flower look better or a wilted but sprayed, painted flower? Aren't we doing the same by first stupefying and stripping ourselves of vigour, freshness, vital force and immunity and later covering up with blankets of concealers, kohl pencils, blemish balms, body shapers and what not?

It would rather be fun to look younger, fit and toned with a natural glow on skin and healthy tint on lips, glossy sparkly eyes and glorious tresses. A lot can be done to achieve the same. Choosing minimally processed food stuff, using homemade lip balms, shampoos, wearing fabrics that keep the skin aerated, sticking to circadian rhythm, staying active, breathing well, being creative, constructive and gleeful to name a few. You can then truly stand out remarkably in a crowd without resorting to temporary and harmful means.

The way we think about what to wear before stepping out, should we also not focus on what thoughts and feelings to carry with us? Whatever attire you put on, (of course clean and contemporary), it's your energy, persona, speech and genuineness that draws and influences others. Let your lively individuality, words and actions be your real jewels.

Let's listen to the feeble voice and befriend this resplendent body!