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experienced fresher

Experienced Fresher

It may seem strange at first look,but we are not far from listening to this term frequently. With the quickly changing trends in industry, surge of competitive forces, abundance of knowledge at fingertips, minimal shelf life of product & services and more than ever demanding customers, we can expect dramatic changes in the hiring process.

Industry always welcomed freshers in past mainly due to their energy, enthusiasm, new dimensions, fresh approach, learning agility and adaptability. Industries were willing to spend time and resources to groom and train freshers and mould them as per their requirements. This was possible due to more or less stable demands and skill sets. Major parameters for evaluation of fresher remained attitude, aptitude and communication skills in most cases with the focus on fundamentals.

Questions arise what has changed now? Ain’t companies looking for the same skill sets? Why there would be a need of transformation in the hiring process?

May be a lot has not changed in terms of attributes of freshers that companies are looking at, but a major transformation has come from the side of companies where they can’t afford to spend time and resources to groom the candidates and make them ready as per the requirements. So the ball is in the court of freshers to unveil what’s hidden in the stores for them?

Probable methods of hiring in future:

Due to a change in the scenario, companies are taking help of e-learning platforms, code challenges, national level hackathons, codefests etc. to identify talent and with the help of data analytics, tracking the performance and activities of the students on a platform. This process lets companies get a deep insight about learning agility, analytical skills, logical thinking and application orientation of prospective employees. Detailed analysis assist the decision making process of on-boarding a suitable candidate.

It won’t be wrong to say that earlier recruitment process was based on conceptual clarity even if it was theoretical but soon it would be all about hands on exposure and real life application of knowledge.           

I can think of a modified version of a phrase which should be a good fit for fresher as “ Jack of all trades and master of at least one” During the course of studies, a student needs to master at least a cutting edge skill set beyond the boundaries of curriculum and stay updated with everything in and around the industry.

I consider this situation as a blessing in disguise when there are all the more opportunities for talented freshers to get rewarded. Companies are geared up to shell out extra resources to attract the right set of talent. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab all that you can!

Some suggestive measures for students from corporates:

Focus on experiential learning.

Nano degree Courses

Must have Coding and Programming skills.

Problem solving through engagement on various online platforms.

Excellent communication skills.

Command over a foreign language.

Quality Project work and field orientation.      

Hey freshers!!! Are you willing to go the extra mile to be called as an Experienced Fresher???